1300 WordsWork are Inbound Product Specialists. Whether it’s a straight out lease, a bundled package encompassing all required telecommunications services for your PhoneWord or maybe you require assistance in sub-leasing your PhoneWord out to various locations, 1300WordsWork can provide the ultimate solution.

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Phone Words

Is there a PhoneWord you are interested in? If it’s a 13 number, a 1300 number or a 1800 number you are seeking, we have access to a large range of PhoneWords and can have your number secured in no time. If you’re having trouble deciding on a number, we can also help you in choosing the right PhoneWord for your business.

1300 Numbers

The most popular of all phone words are 1300 Numbers. There are many, many business benefits to securing your 1300 Number and our expert 1300 Numbers team can help you to source the perfect 1300 Number for your business. Want to learn more? Head to our 1300 Numbers product page.

Service Connections

After you have secured your PhoneWord you’ll need to connect it. 1300 WordWork is a one stop shop that can arrange a complete service. We offer a wide range of packages to suit your needs and can have you connected almost immediately.

Management Systems

If you are interested in developing a business around your PhoneWord or just need a system to direct calls, we can help. Our systems offer great flexibility in call routing, time of day routing  location, post code, calling time or any combination. 1300 WordsWork can tailor a system to suit your specific requirements.

PhoneWord Reporting

We can provide you with comprehensive reports on how your PhoneWord is performing, where the calls are coming from and at what time of day the calls are coming in. This allows you to make an informed decision on staffing requirements at any given time thereby allowing you to utilise your resources in the most efficient way. Example Report (PDF)

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