A number string which spells a word that relates to the industry in which one operates e.g. 1300 FLOWERS

Phone name

A number string which spells your company name e.g. 1300 TELSTRA

Over dial

A normal 1300 or 1800 number has 6 digits following the prefix. In order to maximise advertising effectiveness some PhoneWords are actually longer than 6 letters e.g. 1300 REALESTATE. This PhoneWord has an over dial of 4 letters but the PhoneWord is extremely powerful because it exactly describes the industry. The actual number dialed only needs to be 1300 732537 (1300 REALES) and the call will be connected.


You may be using your powerful PhoneWord or phone name within your local area or just within your state. Because of the flexibility of the product, a PhoneWord or phone name can be sub leased to multiple areas (right down to a post code) if required. By sub leasing to multiple parties you then have additional income streams that you never dreamed of.

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