What are PhoneWords?

Simply put, a PhoneWord is a telephone number that spells a word. Phonewords make use of the letters on the telephone keypad. PhoneWords or Phone names are much easier to remember than numbers and can carry a marketing message.

For example: To call us, dial 1300 WORDSWORK . The number equivilant is 1300 967 379 .

Phone words make it easier for everyone to remember how to contact you…and that means you get more calls.

Can I receive International calls to my Phone Word from outside of Australia?

Yes. For example a University or TAFE college wishing to attract full fee paying international students, may advertise their 1300/1800 or 13 Australian number in their promotional material. The prospective student pays for the ‘leg’ of the call to Australia, and you pay for the Australian ‘leg’ of the call, so it is very cost effective for Australian businesses.

What if I have an International office or call centre?

If I have an International office in New Zealand or USA (or any other country) or an International call centre, can calls from my Australian clients (fixed line or mobiles) be directed so they answer at my International office or International call centre?

Yes. Absolutely. Not a problem.

Can I choose my own phone word?

Yes, 1300 WORDSWORK has an established database of words available – we can offer you a range of PhoneWords that will suit your business. And if there is a specific word you want our phone word specialists can help you.

Do I need to have a new telephone line for my Phoneword?

No, a phone word can be forwarded to your existing landline, mobile, fax line or answering machine. It can also be forwarded to an international number if necessary.

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